About me

About Me

When I was a child and I saw the photographic paper that came to life in the dark room, my eyes would sparkle!

Davide Gaudio

Tell stories with pictures

Ever since I was a child, my after school was my uncle’s tiny photo studio. I enjoyed being with him and watch how photographic paper, in the dark room, came to life. A magic that made my eyes sparkle!

Subsequently, in the early 90s, at the age of 15, I started collaborating in a photo studio where my passion for this work definitively consolidated. By that time, I had finally realized which path I wanted to follow.
After 5 years of photographic academy, in 1996 I opened my own studio.

But I didn’t stop studying and training, so I earned a Master in “Photography for Marketing and Communication”.
My work has brought me, over the years, to build experiences throughout Italy and abroad. Africa, New York, Saharawi (borders between Algeria, Mauritania and Morocco), Auschwitz, Turkey, Tunisia, Spain are just some of the destinations and my reportage experiences.

I currently work in Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Germany, Croatia, and Belgium and I have the honor of be the official photographer of the event in Bern “Marinatal” 2019.


Family, warmth, friends, emotions: the perfect ingredients to remember moments of love. To be relived.
Forever and ever.


Taking pics of food and wine is a very complicated job which requires an excellent technical mastery to get excellent results.


Images are the heart of advertising, today even more so in the crowded digital landscape we live in.
Communicate effectively.


Why contact me?

Over the years I have had the pleasure of working for hundreds of people and for dozens and dozens of events.
Some of them chose to leave me their feedback.